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Slabsafe | an Edgesafe Edge Protection System 


Slabsafe is a modular edge protection system for commercial, industrial construction and civil and structural engineering projects supplied and installed by Edgesafe. Slabsafe is ideal for concrete cantilevered slabs and balconies, mezzanine floors, multi storey construction, voids and lift shafts.


Slabsafe modular products comply with and are regulated to commercial standards for Temporary Edge Protection AS/NS 4994

Along with our other Edgesafe solutions and systems, Slabsafe offers certified complete solutions, allowing clients to access the working area safely and efficiently. 

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    Edgesafe Pty Ltd
    Chris Butler
    15 Louise Ave
    Ingleburn NSW 2565
    P:  02 9605 2477
    F: 02 4210 8648
    M: 0413 859 767


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    Latest Projects

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    2.  Bunnings
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    4.  Linde Handling Systems


    1.  NEPPA - National Edge Protection and Platform Association

    Slabsafe is an Edgesafe Edge Protection System for Commercial, Industrial, Civil and Structural Engineering Slab Projects - Temporary Edge Protection System for Slabs and Roofs - All NSW locations

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